How to Fill Northeast Seattle with More Trees at No Cost


One thousand new trees were planted in Northeast Seattle under the generous program called Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods. Simply put, that means there are 1,000 more trees in our neighborhoods working to clean our air and water, make our streets…
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The Region’s Worst Traffic: I-5 from Northgate to Downtown


Seattle is now officially plagued with traffic jams. A reputable traffic data company reports that congestion has been getting worse. Congestion was up 7 percent in 2013, according to INRIX of Kirkland. Seattle drivers wasted 38 hours sitting in traffic,…
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City Officials Believe the Maple Leaf Reservoir is in Danger


The city and its contractors believe that the four underground reservoirs that serve Seattle, including the one under Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, might fail in a catastrophic earthquake. This is based upon findings of the designer. The reservoirs’ designer, Denver-based…
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