5 Tech Hacks And Apps All UW Students Should Know About

Whether you’re a new freshman, incoming transfer student, or about to start your senior year as a Husky, most University of Washington students (and college students in general) love a good deal. The UW campus and surrounding areas are full of great bargains and opportunities that all huskies can benefit from. Whether you’re looking for a new app to make your life a little easier, or discount options for getting your technology fixed and up to date, here are a few technology hacks and apps all UW students should know about.

One Bus Away

If you’re a UW student and you don’t already know about One Bus Away, your life is about to get easier. This app, developed at the University of Washington, predicts bus schedules in real time and shows you various bus routes in your area. If you’re sick of waiting for busses or wondering if yours has left without you, this app is your solution.

Digital Groups for UW Students

There are tons of Facebook groups and other digital spaces full of resources for UW students. Whether you’re hoping to find an on-campus job for the coming quarter, discount furniture for your first apartment, used textbooks and more, joining these digital communities is an easy way to make your student experience a little bit easier. Some key groups to join include:

  • UW Free and For Sale, a Facebook Group where UW students can buy, sell and exchange everything from textbooks to caps and gowns.
  • UW Jobs and Internships, where employers and recruiters post open listings for jobs and internships
  • HuskyJobs, UW’s internal job and internship connection portal

UW Scout

If you have a group project due tomorrow, you probably don’t want to waste time running around the 700 acre campus looking for an open space for your group to meet. The UW Scout app not only allows you to peruse campus for an open study room, but will also allow you to reserve spaces ahead of time. The latest version of this technology will also tell you what food spots and technologies such as whiteboards and computers are available in various spaces across campus.

Student Discount at GoEbits

Phones, laptops, and other technologies are easily broken. Whether you spill coffee on your laptop in Odegaard Library at 3:00 a.m. or crack your phone at $1 Wells Wednesday, it’s important to know where to go when you need to get your technology fixed. GoEbits, located across from Jack In The Box on 50th and The Ave, does computer and phone repairs of all kinds, and they offer a ten percent discount on all repairs to UW Students.

Rental Equipment From Kane Hall

State-of-the-art technology isn’t cheap. UW Students, however, are able to rent a wide variety of technology through the Student Technology Loan Program, operated out of the basement of Kane Hall. Need a GoPro for Whistler Weekend? No problem. Need a tablet or high tech graphic calculator that you’ll only ever use for one quarter? That’s covered too. This technology loan program is a huge asset for students who need temporary access to technology and do not want to purchase these expensive items.

Fall Quarter is just around the corner, and that means Dawg Days, new classes, and of course Husky football. We hope these technology hacks and apps will make your transition back to school a little easier. Best of luck to UW students this quarter, Go Dawgs!

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