About Northeast Seattle

north east seattle map

Photo credit: Seattle.gov

The area known as Northeast Seattle is comprised of several different neighborhoods, which can include Ravenna, Hawthorne Hills, View Ridge, Wedgwood, Maple Leaf, Meadowbrook, and Northgate. There aren’t any clear boundaries of the region, so there is some debate about which of the above neighborhoods fall within the area known as “Northeast Seattle” – this list is our understanding.

Interstate 5 edges Northeast Seattle on the west and the better-known Lake Washington waterfront neighborhoods – such as Laurelhurst, Magnuson Park, and Lake City form the eastern border of the area. At Northeast Seattle’s southern edge is the University District, and at the north is Lake City.

All of the neighborhoods within Northeast Seattle are generally known to be residential areas that, in Seattle’s early days, began as rural suburbs before they were developed.

The area is known for a variety of different housing styles, parks, schools, and religious centers. There are also several commercial pockets sprinkled throughout – most notably the Northgate Mall and University Village shopping center.


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