Montlake Boulevard Market Awaits News About Possible Condemnation

When concerns about the future of longtime neighborhood staple Montlake Boulevard Market arose last summer, many residents rallied together to oppose WSDOT’s proposed condemnation of the property. Since then, WSDOT has maintained that it needs the space, as well as a neighboring gas station, for construction staging and additional planned expansions for the ongoing 520 floating bridge project.

As originally reported by KING 5, a hearing planned for the beginning of April was expected to bring a final announcement. However, as of April 7, the decision appeared to remain under negotiation.

The land has been independently owned by a local family for approximately 70 years, and the market itself has become a significant landmark and gathering space in the Montlake neighborhood. It offers a variety of deli items, specialty foods, and local produce and beverages.

The Montlake Phase is the next stage of the 520 bridge project as construction makes its way west. This phase is currently undergoing preliminary conceptual planning and design. Once WSDOT hires the appropriate contractor, preconstruction outreach will take place through 2018, when the actual construction will begin. The Montlake Phase is expected to be complete by 2023. The future Portage Bay Phase will also go into effect nearby, and similar to the Montlake Phase and other associated phases, there will be opportunities for public comment.

Featured photo courtesy of Montlake Blvd Market via Facebook

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