Northeast Seattle Businesses

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The area has quite the history in early Seattle businesses. Northeast Seattle held its first store in 1922 in Wedgewood, before electricity or water was present in the neighborhood. McVicar’s Hardware Store opened in 1946 and basically sold anything that residents wanted to buy – from gardening supplies to specialty foods. McVicar’s also rented skis and taught do-it-yourself workshops (which got them a mention in a 1954 issue of Time Magazine on the trend), and was the only hardware store in Washington that was licensed to sell wine and beer. In 1949, McGillivray’s Variety and Gift Store opened, which sold penny candy, kids’ clothing, toys, cards, and more.

In addition to Northgate Mall (in the Maple Leaf neighborhood) and the University Village (just south of Ravenna), Northeast Seattle is home to several one-of-a-kind dining experiences and the classic coffee shop stop. Don’t miss Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon, The Roosevelt Alehouse, Reservoir Bar, Maple Leaf Grill, or Café Javasti. Seattle-based Top Pot Doughnuts has a Wedgwood location to visit. The Duchess Tavern has been in Ravenna since 1934, and is a popular place for college students to go to catch the game and play pool or darts. Right across the street, Queen Mary serves Victorian English tea on beautiful china and serve ware for the perfect tea party atmosphere.

As for non-food-related businesses of note in Northeast Seattle, the Maple Leaf Ace Hardware, and the San Marco Grocery are some longtime business assets to the area, and Cabinetworks on Roosevelt is one of the few woodworking manufacturers in Seattle. Volvo has its only inner-city location in Ravenna-Bryant.

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